with a focus on Talent, Technology, and Policy

The Manufacturing and Industrial Innovation Council is a Mayoral Industry Partnership that supports the sustainability and growth of New York’s manufacturing and industrial sectors.

A thriving industrial economy is essential to the functioning of the City.

It ensures the production, distribution, and maintenance of goods and infrastructure, provides over half a million jobs – more than currently exist in NYC’s technology or finance sectors – and supports a pathway to the middle class.

A robust industrial ecosystem is vital to addressing the challenge of climate change, developing New York into a smart and resilient city, and creating the next wave of innovation.

MaiiC represents the spectrum of industrial activities in the five boroughs, including (i) manufacturing and production, (ii) transportation, logistics, and distribution, and (iii) infrastructure services and utilities.

MaiiC’s work will focus on four areas:



Building an active, organized constituency to unify industrial and manufacturing businesses and elevate practices of high road employers.



Partnering to co-develop solutions to ensure there are reliable talent pipelines and upskilling resources for industrial businesses.


Policy & Regulation

Working with City government to address challenges and create industry stability.


The Future of Industry

Facilitating a transition to Industry 4.0 — automation and data technology — and related changes in workplace culture in order to minimize the pressures of disruption.

MaiiC is led by an Executive Board of key representatives of businesses across the industrial and manufacturing sectors, and includes advisory committees which will be organized as follows:

Apprentice NYC

About the program

ApprenticeNYC is a city-sponsored apprenticeship program that helps industrial businesses train and hire critical entry-level talent. For job seekers, the program offers a paid, full-time opportunity to learn in the classroom and on-the-job, and to gain in-demand skills in a long-term occupation with high growth potential. 

ApprenticeNYC is currently being offered for Advanced Manufacturing occupations. For this specific opportunity, the city-sponsored apprenticeship will last 12 months, and consist of 400 hours of in-person, hands-on training at LaGuardia Community College and MakerSpace NYC, and 1500 hours of on-the-job training. Additional program components are:

  • Wage subsidization for employers during the 12-month apprenticeship
  • All apprentices will be trained in modalities such as Laser Cutting, CNC Machining, Metal Fabrication, 3D-Printing and Additive Manufacturing, Welding, Woodworking, Blueprint Reading and Drawing, and much, much more

Apprentices participating in the Advanced Manufacturing program are expected to stay with their employers after the city-sponsored portion ends, to continue their long-term career in the Advanced Manufacturing industry.

Meet the executive board

Tom Powell

Business Development, Boyce Technologies Inc.

Bob Chory

President, Valente Yeast

Ramona Mejia

President and CEO, Sell-Mar Enterprise

Steven Packin

President, D&M Lumber Products

Al Mangels

President, Lee Spring

Marni Majorelle

President and Founder, Alive Structures

Naomi Cooper

President, Cooper Recycling 

John DiFazio

Vice President, Faztec Industries

Eric Johansson

Executive Director, Maritime Association

Tom Outerbridge

General Manager, SIMS Recycling

Alex Bergson

Vice President, Manhattan Beer Distributors

Gregory Kress

CEO, Shapeways

Kevin Liang

CEO, Southeast Asia Food Group

Eric Ottaway

CEO, Brooklyn Brewery

Gabrielle Ferrara

COO, Ferrara Manufacturing

Jamil Ellis

CTO, Bright Power

Bertha Jimenez

CEO, Rise Products