Talent & Employee Resources

Resources on where to find job candidates, train and upskill your workforce, transition to worker-ownership, and more

Hiring and recruitment

Identifying industrial sector talent across New York City can present a challenge to businesses. Yet many organizations, from non-profits, to governments, and colleges, are training adults and young adults for careers in the industrial sectors, focusing on skills as diverse as accounting, supply chain management, commercial driving, truck maintenance, machining, HVAC, and more.

MaiiC has compiled an Industrial Talent Directory to help your business find an organization that can connect you to the talent that you need. 

The directory is organized alphabetically by organization name and has information on programs offered, industries served, and a link to their web page for more information.

If your organization trains or places individuals skilled for the industrial sectors and you would like to add your organization’s name to the list, please email us at MaiiC@sbs.nyc.gov.


Upskilling and employee training

Training your existing employees allows you to increase your company’s productivity, as well as help address turnover and skills gaps. The following programs offer curated and customized training programs for your staff at a variety of costs, with several providing free to low cost solutions. 

Brooklyn Workforce Initiative Customized Training

BWI can train existing or new entry level workers from the community to meet the needs of businesses. Past trainings have been in roofing, manufacturing skills, construction, and more. Businesses outside of Brooklyn are eligible to participate.

Learn more about BWI’s Customized Training program here

CUNY Building Performance Lab

The City University of New York (CUNY)’s Building Performance Lab trains operators, managers, and designers in energy efficiency operations, the best use of building automation systems, and energy law compliance for properties across the New York market, including commercial, residential, and public facilities. All programs are free.

Learn more about CUNY’s BPL here

Makerspace NYC

Makerspace NYC provides a variety of basic and advanced skill classes. Ranging from MIG welding, Ultimaker 3D printing, laser cutting, TIG welding, manual mill machining, machine lathe, and advanced carpentry. In-person classes are suspended during Covid-19.

Learn more about Makerspace NYC here

SBS Customized Training Grants

The NYC Department of Small Business Services offers federally funded grants to help businesses train and retain their employees. Businesses must be for-profit, operating for at least one year, and be able to pay for training up-front. 60% of training costs will be reimbursed.

Learn more about SBS Customized Training Grants here

retention and workplace improvement

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Self Assessment

Industrial companies throughout NYC have been looking to get more involved in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Learn more about what that is, why that’s the case, and how it helps with hiring and retention at this blog post and webinar MaiiC hosted.

Figuring out where to start, however, can be difficult. That’s why MaiiC businesses have designed this DEI Self Assessment Survey, to help the industry understand where it stands, how individual business benchmarks to industry peers, and inform the creation of new DEI programs. 

Access the DEI Self Assessment Survey here