PPE + Reopening Supplies Marketplace

As New York City reopens after Covid-19, small businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations throughout the five boroughs will need to purchase supplies in order to operate safely and efficiently. The Manufacturing and Industrial Innovation Council, with volunteer support from TTP and local industry partners have launched the NYC PPE + Reopening Supplies Marketplace. The Marketplace provides a one-stop-shop for businesses to find products such as (i) face masks and coverings, (ii) face shields, (iii) gloves, (iv) cleaning and disinfectant products, (v) thermometers, (vi) physical barriers and portable furniture, and (vi) other supplies needed for re-opening. This is the initial phase of the marketplace and it will continue to evolve with more features. The marketplace represents both local and regional suppliers and manufacturers to provide a wide-range of order minimums for purchase. PPE Guidelines: How to Protect Your Staff Submit Your Business

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