DEI: The Business Case

How Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategies Can Help Improve Your Talent Retention

Efforts to retain employees come in all shapes and sizes. 

We know that finding the time to replace staff can be costly, but did you know that on average it costs us over $3,500 for each hire? 

This doesn’t even include the costs we experience when the position is unfilled, or time to on-board someone. Keeping our diverse talent is one of the best ways that we can maintain our company resources. But retaining talent is complicated and not always solved by increasing salaries. Staying competitive today requires us to explore new solutions and tools to engage our diverse teams. Creating equitable and inclusive workplaces, by initiating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts, is one of the critical ways we can retain and engage our talent. 

We invite you to take our MaiiC DEI assessment, which is both a survey and a way to learn about possible DEI strategies. Your responses for the assessment will be folded into a webinar where we will review the aggregated results of the assessment, best practices, and bring in DEI experts to lead a discussion on the tools and resources companies can apply to increase your team’s retention. It’s time to stop losing money on our talent challenges.

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