DEI: Starting With a Benchmark

At Bright Power, it was important for us to ramp up our DEI efforts in 2020, but we didn’t have resources to help us find the right external consultant. We developed our own internal assessment to get baseline data and learned that 90% of our staff felt it was important to work for a company that prioritizes DEI.

Now we have the data to help us continue our commitment to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture. Had there been a resource like MaiiC’s DEI assessment, we’d certainly have used it as the first step to our work, which is why we think it is an essential tool for our industrial community.     

Taking a DEI assessment is the first step to exploring DEI practices that feel aligned to your values. By participating in the MaiiC DEI assessment, your responses will be folded into a webinar that will offer you information on best practices and provide you with expertise from DEI leaders who can share information on tools and resources.   

Please join us by taking the assessment here:

Jamil Ellis

CTO of Bright Power and executive board member, 
Manufacturing and Industrial Innovation Council