DEI: Brooklyn Brewery’s Journey

Not all roads into the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion journey start the same

For us at Brooklyn Brewery, we started down the DEI path wanting to ensure our workplace culture and our brand identity were aligned.  To make sure we could “walk the walk” we looked to hire a DEI consulting firm to help us evaluate ourselves.   We quickly found that even though our commitment to reflect on this important topic was there, there also needed to be a good fit with the DEI consultant to ground the work. 

Now that we’re down the DEI path, we know that taking stock of yourself is the first place to start. This initial assessment has shown us a lot of good stuff, both areas where we perform well, and also areas where we can improve.  We are looking forward to seeing the final results of the DEI evaluation, and to working together with the DEI consultants to craft executable steps to make our workplace even stronger and healthier.  This is why we are so excited to support the MaiiC DEI assessment.

We invite you to take our MaiiC DEI assessment. Your responses will inform a DEI-focused webinar in January. In this webinar we will review the aggregated results of the assessment, best practices, and bring in DEI experts to lead a discussion on the tools and resources companies can apply in their DEI journey.   

Please join us by taking the assessment here:

MaiiC Executive Board member Eric Ottaway, CEO, Brooklyn Brewery