Updates, Resources, and Business Opportunities for Supplying the Response

As an industry partnership housed at the NYC Department of Small Business Services, MaiiC is dedicated to keeping the industrial sectors up to date and equipped with news and resources to help your business during the COVID-19 crisis.

Resources for Covid-19 Affected Businesses

Resources for Business Reopening

The NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) is equipping New York business owners with a new set of resources to help them navigate the recovery and re-opening process.

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NYC PPE and Reopening Supplies Marketplace 

The NYC PPE and Reopening Supplies Marketplace provides a one stop shop for easy-to-access suppliers of (i) face masks and coverings, (ii) face shields, (iii) gloves, (iv) cleaning and disinfectant products, (v) physical enhancements and portable furniture, and (vi) other (e.g. thermometers). 

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If you are a supplier or manufacturer of any of these products, please fill out this form to have your business considered for the site.

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Free Face Coverings for Small Businesses & Their Employees

Need face coverings for your employees? SBS, the NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, and our partners are distributing over 2 million face coverings at no cost to small business owners and their employees! 

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Recorded Webinar – Reducing Risk when Resuming Operations

ITAC and MaiiC hosted a Townhall on Reducing Risk When Resuming Operations in the COVID-19 environment. A group of panelists with expertise in workplace safety, facility systems, production operations and layout, and Lean and Six Sigma principles offered their insights.

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Recorded Webinar – How to Maximize Employee Safety Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

AM&T and Upstate Safety Services have come together to synthesize the guidelines and requirements involved with operating your facility amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This webinar will help you make sense of the various publications and regulations surrounding this topic as New York State continues its path to recovery.

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Comprehensive Business Resources

Pratt Center’s Made in NYC program has compiled a comprehensive real-time website of funding, crisis planning, grants, workforce, and other resources for industrial companies.

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New York Forward Loan Fund

The New York Forward Loan Fund is a new economic recovery loan program aimed at supporting New York State small businesses, nonprofits and small landlords as they reopen after the COVID-19 outbreak and NYS on PAUSE.  

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Business Opportunities to Supply the Response

Resources on Pivoting to Make PPE/COVID-Related Items

Access an aggregated list of resources and high-level guidance on how to pivot your normal business operations to manufacture Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or items need by essential businesses.

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Recorded Webinar: How NYC’s Industrial Frontline is Pivoting to Meet Critical Supply Chain Needs

On May 13th, MaiiC hosted Ferrara Manufacturing and Port Morris Distillery, on a webinar to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on their normal operations, how they identified new production opportunities and the resources that made pivoting possible, and ways they were able to connect to market demand. 

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Suppliers of Medical Goods, Equipment, and Other Services

If you would like to sell large quantities of medical goods and equipment (e.g. face shields, gowns, ventilators, masks, and other products as needed), or services such as trucking and fleet capacity, please complete the DCAS intake form.

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Providers of Space

If you would like to rent or offer extra space for warehousing, distribution, stand-up hospital sites, parking, or other activities, please fill out the NYC OEM’s ‘Share Your Space’ Survey.

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Donations of Goods and Supplies

If you would like to donate any of medical supplies or other items to the response effort, please connect with DONATE NYC here.

Providing Goods and Services to the Covid-19 Response

The City, State, and public and private hospitals are looking for suppliers of a variety of supplies and materials that are vital to the response to and management of Covid-19.

New York is looking for:

3-Ply Face Masks, Hospital Gowns, Face Shields and other Personal Protective Equipment

Ventilators and ECMO Machines

Surplus Workers to support last-mile distribution

Space and Real Estate for establishing hospital bed space

Please fill out this survey if you are able to provide, or alter your current production processes to produce supplies for the City of New York. If you are able to provide CDC-compliant medical supplies, please email NY State at

NY will pay a premium for these medical goods and offer funding for production if needed. Please note whether you are providing FDA or CDC-certified products. Basic technical specifications of some of these medical products are available here.

Private Sector Food Infrastructure in NYC

If you are able to provide and/or distribute Prepared Meals and Groceries, fill out this survey from the Mayor’s Office of Food Policy.

Updates You Should Know

Talent Survey

MaiiC is committed to supporting manufacturing and industrial business’ solve their talent needs. As the market and the way companies work has shifted, so must our programs and policy solutions. We are looking for feedback from businesses on your current employment levels, occupational and skill needs, digital programming, and other practices that have shifted due to COVID-19. Your feedback will help us better design programs that support you as you recruit talent, upskill current talent, and optimize workplace culture to be efficient and inclusive.

Please fill out the survey June 26th. Any questions can be directed to

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NYC Clean Truck Program

The program provides secure Funding from $12,000 Up to $185,000 Per Truck Replacement, Depending On Fuel Type and Truck Class Size.

Expanding on the success of the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program, new rebate incentive funding is now available in other NYC Industrial Business Zones (IBZs). Through these rebate incentives and a network of resources, the NYC Clean Trucks Program incentivizes local commercial fleet operators to transition away from older diesel vehicles to cleaner models, including new diesel, and newer models operating on clean, advanced trucks and transportation technologies such as compressed natural gas, hybrid and battery electric models.

email for more information. 

Guidance on Reopening

The State and Federal governments continue to issue guidance on how manufacturing and industrial businesses can safely reopen. The following resources cover mandatory and best practices related to physical distancing, protective equipment, hygiene and cleaning, communication, screening, and space configuration. Please regularly consult NYS re-opening phase guidelines for the latest information on which sectors are allowed to re-open. 

NYS: Reopening New York: Manufacturing Guidelines for Employers and Employees

New York Manufacturing and Extension Partnership: COVID-19 Back to Work Playbook

NY Forward: A Guide to Reopening New York and Building Back Better

  • A general guide on reopening the state for residents, employees, and employers.

Each reopening business must develop a written Safety Plan to keep on site and available to NYS Department of Health in the event of an Inspection. Find a template for a safety plan here for manufacturing facilities.

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